Most photographable places in Bilbao

photographable places in Bilbao


October 17, 2020

A vacation in Northern Spain wouldn’t be complete without a trip to one of Basque country’s most famous cities: Bilbao.

Filled with beauty, there are countless beautiful places to take photos in Bilbao, from the stunning juxtaposition of its charming old buildings and industrial structures to its unique museums, like the Guggenheim with the “Puppy” made of flowers by Jeff Koons out front, and Mount Artxanda, where you’ll get sky-high views of the city.

Grab your camera and get ready to start snapping shots of all the most photographable places in Bilbao.



Casco Viejo and Mercado de La Ribera

Located along the river in Bilbao, you’ll find the Casco Viejo, or old medieval quarters, which sets the scene for a great photo opportunity.

Made up of the characteristic alleyways of Europe that are lined with plenty of places to pop in for a drink or bite to eat and shops to peruse, spend the day snapping candid shots throughout this neighborhood.

You’ll eventually hit the Mercado de la Ribera, a large market with over 60 stands offering many different types of food items—all of which you’ll want to document to show friends and family back home.

Mercado de La Ribera de Bilbao



Catedral de Santiago de Bilbao

Dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries, the main cathedral in Bilbao, or Catedral de Santiago de Bilbao, is a sight to behold.

A mixture of both Gothic and Gothic Revival architecture styles, you’re sure to get an incredible Instagram photo to post on more than one side of this gorgeous and historic cathedral in the Casco Viejo.

If you look closely, you’ll find a small reference around the cathedral’s main entrance to the Camino de Santiago—the famous network of pilgrimages done by many travelers each year—represented by the symbol of a scallop shell. Wihtout a doubt, one of the most photographable places in Bilbao!

Catedral de Santiago de Bilbao



Ría de Bilbao

As mentioned above, the Ría de Bilbao, which is part estuary and part river, runs through the city of Bilbao, with walking paths for you to walk along and multiple bridges to allow you to easily cross from on side to the other.

You’ll want to pull your camera out multiple times, as there are plenty of Instagram-worthy places for photos along the river. The Ría de Bilbao even runs right past the famous Guggenheim Museum!

Ria de Bilbao



Guggenheim Museum

Speaking of this well-known museum, the Guggenheim Museum is a stunning piece of architecture even without including its contents.

Easily one of the most photographable—and photographed—places in Bilbao, the interior and exterior of the building were designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry and have a distinct contemporary and expressionist style.

You’ll find photogenic spots both inside and outside the museum, but remember to turn your flash off once you head indoors!

Guggenheim-Museum in Bilbao



Plaza Nueva

Take your pick of where to pose in Bilbao’s main square, Plaza Nueva—from standing in the middle of the square for perspective or leaning up against one of the picturesque arches that line this popular destination.

Squares in Spain are a main hub for social activity and are where locals spend hours enjoying meals, catching up with friends, letting their kids play, and more.

Soak up the neoclassical architecture of Plaza Nueva from one of the many cafés and tapas bars, and make sure to capture a moment or two for your upcoming album of Bilbao photos.

Plaza nueva: photographable places in Bilbao

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