10 Most Instagrammable spots in Barcelona

Instagrammable spots in Barcelona


August 23, 2022

Barcelona offers a wide range of different spots where you can get stunning Instagram photos. From Gaudi麓s modernist architecture to beautiful beaches with palm trees, this trendy city of Europe will amaze you with the beauty of its streets.

We have made a list of picture-worthy spots that will help you out to get the most out of your visit to Barcelona and you could upgrade your feed on your Instagram profile 馃槈


Casa Batll贸

Designed by catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, and considered one of his masterpieces, Casa Batl贸 is the most modernist and avant-garde building that you will find in Barcelona.

Its irregular oval windows with bone shaped pillars and the facade that simulates lizard skin, this architectural gem represents the legend of Sant jordi (patron saint of Catalonia) where a dragon that frightened the inhabitants of the city was killed by Sant Jordi麓s knight.

it’s very worth it a visit inside to see how were disegned the rooms where Batll贸 family lived.

And if you have the chance, go visit the facade on Sant Jordi麓s day, you will see the balconies decorated with roses that will make you fall in love!


Park G眉ell

Declared a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, Park G眉ell is a conglomerate of modernist architecture full of beautiful elements that will amaze you.

Located in monte Carmelo hillside, in this park you could witness the popular catalan style called Trencadis, which is a way to dice the tile and paste it again.

The highlight of the park G眉ell is the terrace, where you could check out the catalan style in the colorful benches while you enjoy a stunning view of the city.

Up on the terrace you could get one of the most instagrammable photos of Barcelona.

Parc de la Ciutadella

The biggest park of Barcelona (After Montjuic) is not only beautiful but very interesting, as inside is the Parliament of Catalonia and the museum of natural sciences of barcelona.

But the most Instagrammable place of the park is in the monument with the waterfall, where you could get a perfect photo to feed your Instagram profile.

Carmel Bunkers

Located at the top of Tur贸 de la Rovira, this place served as an antiaircraft warfare during the spanish civil war.

It has a height of 262 meters, and from there you could see the whole city of Barcelona with a 360潞 view聽that will give you the perfect snapshot.

Do not miss the chance to go at afternoon time so you can see the sunset over the city!

W Barcelona Hotel

This popular hotel with its characteristic silhouette that is already part of the Barcelona skyline, has given the city a modern style that makes it the envy of travelers.

Go up to the terrace to gaze at wonderful views of the city with the blue ocean and get a stunning Instagram photo of your trip to Barcelona.

Barceloneta beach

Located at Ciutat Vella district, la Barceloneta beach comprises of four main beaches where you could do many sports as beach volley, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Barceloneta beach originally used to be a fishermen鈥檚 village, that麓s why you could find here some of the best restaurants to try fresh fish and local paella.

Here you could relax yourself with the view of the Mediterranean while you take some Instagram photos to show your friends what cool place you are!


The Magic fountain of Montjuic

Built in 1929 because of the Universal Exhibition, the fountain of Montjuic can boast of being the largest one in Barcelona.

During the night this popular fountain turns into an spectacular dancing show with music, water acrobatics, and light, that will amaze you.

Without a doubt one of the best Instagrammable spots in Barcelona!


Templo Sagrado Coraz贸n

Located at Tibidabo mountain, this majestic cathedral will not leave you indifferent.

From here you will be at the highest point of the city, and you will have heartbreaking views of Barcelona, specially at sunset time.

So take advantage and take some snapshot for your Instagram!

Sagrada Familia

The quintessential masterpiece of Antoni Gaudi, the expiatory church of the Sagrada Familia is visited by thousands of tourists in search of the perfect Instagrammable spot in Barcelona.

Started in 1915 and still under construction, the catalan architect made a perfect harmony in the interrelationship between structural and ornamental elements, achieving the integration of all the arts in a structured and logical whole.

In order to make the perfect Instagram photo, go to the park in front of the main door and stand behind the lake. From here you could see the reflection of the church in the water, creating a beautiful snapshot that will make your day!


Casa Mil谩

Popularly known as “La Pedrera”, la Casa Mil谩 is a modernist building that you will find in passeig de Gracia avenue.

This house was built on behalf of the couple Mil谩, a rich catalan businessman. Here, Gaud铆 perfected his naturist style, drawing inspiration from the organic forms of nature.

The highlight of the building is its terrace, where you will find 30 fireplaces with abstract shapes composite with ceramic parts that will give you loads of ideas to get Instagram photos of Barcelona.


We hope you find these Instagrammable spots in Barcelona attractive. Now is time to immortalize your trip in the best way!

Rather than taking boring selfies on your own or asking someone to take you a static photo, why don麓t you book a local photographer that capture the best photos of you in Barcelona?

Our Influencers/Solo Travelers packages are designed to give you the best photos of you in Barcelona by a professional local photographer that knows the city like the back of his hand.

Take advantage and book your photo tour in Barcelona in order to have the best Instagram photos of your visit!



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